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The Yard

Woodchip and Sand Gallops – The yard has two gallops, a 7-furlong woodchip gallop which has a very gradual climb. This was completely re-laid in 2004.The sand gallop is 4 furlongs and is gradual for the first furlong, then steepens sharply for the rest of the way.

Horse walker – 5 horse Claydon caged walker.

Jumping Field consists of: -

  • 4 sets of tyres to help teach and educate the young horses to jump.
  • 2 flights of hurdles.
  • 2 National Hunt sized fences.
  • Starting Stalls to train the young horses how to use them.


The Yard – consists of 46 brick built boxes. Large feed store, one tack room, one racing tack room and one hay and straw barn.

Paddocks – Five paddocks all with post and rails to turn out the horses after exercise so they can relax and have a stretch.

Transport - We have our own lorry for transporting the horses to and from the races. It is kindly sponsored by Mr Keith Bell and The Belfry Hotel (links open in a new browser window)

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